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** Funding number includes startup advisory, traditional Venture Capital funding, and companies the founders have previously started.

Security Tokens and Blockchain Financial Instruments

Security Token Offering

We help companies administer their token offering in compliance with applicable regulations and the legal guidance provided by the issuer's legal team.

Security Token Management

We can help you solicited investors to register and go through the investment process, including KYC/AML, accreditation, and other legal requirements - extending all the way to the issuance and delivery of security tokens.

Post Issuance Assistance

After the STO, our dashboard provides relevant information for the token issuer to easily manage contract functions in a user-friendly way.


We'll help you with a plan to get the seed funding you need to succeed.


Join us on the road. We typically do a handful of fully vetted, high-quality offerings a month, so you can join us as we travel.


Every project starts with a full day workshop to help you determine the optimal approach, tactics and strategy.

Crowd-sales and Token Generation Events

Smart Contracts

We can help setup, deploy private blockchains, as well as create, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of smart contracts. Whether getting ready for an ICO or creating a DAPP, we can help!

ICO Campaign Consulting

ICO planning and consulting on all key aspects of your crowdsale campaign. From initial consultation to planning and organizing necessary components including KYC/AML and regional compliance.

ICO Marketing

We are a full-service ICO agency: from smart contract development to marketing campaigns, to Landing pages, to marketing automation / SEO, and advertising, we do it all!