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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reuven Cohen

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Reuven Cohen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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The world of individual property investment hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. Find a place you like, get financing and take a leap of faith.

The times are changing. Outside of real estate the rise of so called “Robo Advisors” is fundamentally changing the way people manage their investing. The role of predictive machine learning & robo-advisors in finance is poised to explode from $14bln in managed assets in 2013 to more than $255 billion worldwide by 2020. We believe that real estate will become a significant portion of this opportunity.
Our data-driven platform gives users real-time insight into high-yield short term property trends using a unique collection of information sources, machine learning, data and analysis tools.
Our goal is simple, enable investors to analyze, manage and profit from real estate Investments from anywhere in just a few clicks.

Available for for iOS, Android, Web & API


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