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Finally, an app where you can rent and lend out the items you own. Introducing Buro, the newest and most intuitive peer-to-peer rental market place. Have something you want to share with the world? Renting with Buro is easy, flexible, secured and fast so borrow items you need and lend items you don’t.

Buro is the first Peer-to-Peer marketplace that allows you to rent out the items you own, and rent items you need from your peers. Buro uses a state of the art 5 step verification API to make sure that every single person is fully verified. With the help of Coin Launch, we are proudly able to offer our ICO, the Buro Token. With the Buro Token you will be able to have pre-paid rental time, either supplementing your transaction or paying for it in full.



Buro + Buro Token– The next step towards a true free sharing economy (Coming Soon)

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Maor Sandler

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Maor Sandler
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  Symbol: BTKN Date: TBD Starting Date: TBD Country of Origin: Canada Technology: Peer-to-Peer marketplace   The biggest problem with the society we live in today is the the excess consumption that once provided customer satisfaction has now left homes filled with an abundance of underutilized and depreciating items. “There are 300,000 items in the average American home” – LA Times “Americans spend $1.2 Trillion annually on nonessential goods-in other words, items they don’t need’ – The Wall Street Journal  

Ten years ago, how would you have reacted if someone told you that they were going to fly to another country and stay in the house of someone they met on the internet? And yet, today, thousands of people have opened their homes to complete strangers. 

In a relatively short amount of time, people have grown to trust people they have never met. This is the brilliance of the sharing economy!

  We Created Buro! A peer-to-peer rental  network that allows you to lend out the items you own, and borrow stuff you don’t. Buro puts the power of the Sharing Economy in your hands.

Our aim was to create an elegant and intuitive platform, as soon as you log in to Buro it will display all the items, available to rent around you immediately in an interesting and intuitive way. 



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Nov, 2017

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